You don’t need to submit work to Miss Anthology’s publication to sign up for our yearly workshops! Anyone between the ages of nine (9) and eighteen (18) who is female and/or LGBTQIA2S+ and lives in the Pacific Northwest is encouraged to sign up!

We welcome students of all experience and ability levels.

Comics 101

Comics 101 is a one day course is designed to teach you where comics came from, and how the industry has changed. We’ll explore The first comics, critics, graphic novels, censorship, local history, and we’ll make our own comic strips.
Our 2017 instructor was Jenny Blenk.



Comic Origins

Like any superhero, comics has a thrilling origin story. This workshop is a one-day course designed to explore how “comics” came to be. We’ll travel through history and around the world to see if we can make sense of what makes comics comics. We’ll pay special attention to the editorial cartoons, newspaper strips, and comics books from before the 1980s that laid the foundation for the artists and texts you love.
Our 2017 instructor was Andréa Gilroy.


Writing Comics

This one day, 3 hour workshop is designed with your story in mind. We’ll explore what a narrative is, ways to express your narrative, who your characters are, what the action and story arc are, how to keep track of the details, and you’ll learn how to write a comic script, connecting text with image. We’ll be writing, brainstorming, workshopping, sharing, and experimenting.
Our 2017 instructor was Kinoko Evans.


Character Development

This one day course is designed to help you learn how to create your own characters and build your own world! We’ll explore the many aspects of character design, the various ways to communicate personality through visual cues, as well as creating a sense of place and perspective with your character’s surroundings.
Our 201-18 instructor was Liz Yerby.


Comic Layouts

Comic Layouts and Composition is a one day course designed to help you understand and design layouts for your comics. We’ll explore how your narrative and images support one another, short writing exercises, various ways to design a layout, types of panels and pages, and how to control time.
Our 2017-18 Comic Layouts instructor was Kristine Evans.



Lettering is a one day, 3 hour course that will marry the words with your pictures. We’ll look at a variety of ways that professional comic artists add text to their works. The beauty of your own handwriting, carefully rendering lettering using different types of pens, and computer generated fonts will all be explored, as well as placement, size, and legibility. It is recommended that participants bring layouts or ideas of the tone, theme, aesthetic of the fonts they want to try. Maybe a sentence or two to practice with!
Our 2017-18 instructor was Anna Vo.


Inking and Coloring

Inking and Coloring is a one day course designed to help you learn how to ink your own comics with a dynamic and unique flair! We’ll explore the many methods of inking comic panels, the various ways to communicate depth through marks and lines, as well as the various methods and media that can be used to create inks.
Our 2017 Inking and Coloring course was taught by Melanie Stevens and Kelly Fitzpatrick.



Post-Production is a one day course designed to help you learn how to edit and get your comics ready for print or online publishing! We’ll explore the many methods of color correction, resolution and resizing, the various file formats and their uses, as well as how and where to save your comic files for future use.
Our 2017 Post-Production course was taught by Melanie Stevens and Kelly Fitzpatrick.