July 27th with Kerstin A La Cross

Landscapes as Characters: The Art of Outside

9am-1pm @ Lower Macleay Park (NW 30th & NW Upshur, Portland, OR)

Ever turn a comic page and feel immediately immersed in a nature scene? Feel the breeze in your hair and the sunlight on your skin? Join Adventure Cartoonist Kerstin A. La Cross in their natural element to learn the basics of landscape composition, values, and watercolor; and how best to use them in your comics!

Kerstin A LaCross
Kerstin A. La Cross is a level 30 Adventure Cartoonist and illustrator based in Portland. While not galavanting in the mountains, they make comics about hiking, wilderness safety, and mental health. Their current project is ‘BASHers’, a memoir webcomic chronicling their first long-distance backpacking trip, where they hiked 100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and learned the difference between strength and stubbornness, and what it’s like to have your first asthma attack in the middle of nowhere.  See more work at https://kerstin-lacross.com/

Suggested supplies: Sketchbook or drawing paper, drawing board, pencil, waterproof pen, watercolor or colored pencils. The instructor will have extra supplies to borrow out if needed.

Limited to 12 participants on a first come, first served basis.
*There will be a waitlist, and participants will be notified by the Wednesday prior to the workshop if space becomes available.

Lower Macleay Trail is located in NW Portland at the end of NW Upshur. It is accessible via car, the #15 Trimet bus, or a short walk from the Streetchar.