Miss Anthology 2017

Miss Anthology 2017 CoverSarah_1

Miss Anthology 2017 is a comics anthology featuring the work of 15 female and genderqueer comic creators, writers, and academics from the Pacific Northwest region. The book is divided into four sections:

The Artists:
Bronwyn Thomas
Heather Distefano
Carmi, aka spicyyeti
Sarah Diamond, Nika Nagy, and Alex Sasha Sandoval

The Instructors:
Jenny Blenk
Andrea Gilroy, PhD
Kinoko Evans
Liz Yerby
Anna Vo
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Melanie Stevens

The Workshops:
Event photos

The Founders:
Mack Carlisle
Emily Lewis
Melanie Stevens

You can purchase our book by clicking the “shop” button at the top of the page. Or by going to one of these Portland retailers:

Books with Pictures
Floating World Comics
Future Dreams
Excalibur Comics

Miss Anthology 2017 was supported in part by a C3:Initiative project residency, the Precipice Fund, the Andy Warhol Foundation, and Calligram Foundation.