Miss Anthology’s mission is to support racially and economically diverse young comics artists by teaching professional skills through hands-on workshops, and publishing their work online and in print. By introducing female and LGBTQIA+ artists, writers, and creators to the comics and art industries before they graduate, they will gain a firm understanding and head start on their careers, as well as an established network of peers within this otherwise cisgender male-dominated field.

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Melanie Stevens-03Melanie Stevens – Director of Strategery
Melanie oversees social media outreach, grant-writing, and financial acquisitions and maintenance. She also oversees our comic workshops, designed the 2017 cover art for the printed anthology, and and assisted with the editing for the same volume. Raised in the dirty South and currently residing in St. Johns, Stevens is an artist, curator, and writer. She received her BA in Political Science from Yale University and her MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art. When she is not eating wings and/or ice cream, she is out and about in Portland making trouble of the art variety. She currently gives private tutorials on creating graphic novels and co-curates Nat Turner Project, a migratory gallery space that centers artists of color. She is also working on a graphic novel series, WaterShed, a love and death story about America through the lens of race, due out in Spring of this year.

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Jenny Blenk – Editor of Shenanigans
Jenny is the editor of our anthology and oversees all events including book releases, tabling, and exhibitions. Jenny earned her BA in English and Spanish from Western Washington University, and later earned an MA in English Literature and a certificate in Comics Studies from Portland State University. Currently, Jenny works as an Assistant Editor at Dark Horse Comics in Milwaukie, OR, and lives in Portland with five houseplants, a typewriter, and a little black rabbit named Bernadette. She continues to write and present on academic topics related to comics, queerness, and disability. In her spare time, she loves hiking, gardening, metal shows, knitting, and working on cars.



Jay Olinger – Jay of all Trades
An instructor of Comics Studies at Portland Community College, Jay Olinger is an artist-scholar who graduated with Distinction from the University of Dundee with a Masters of Design in Comics and Graphic Novels, fully-funded by the university’s International Excellence Scholarship. Her graduate thesis, Prompt(ed), explores media application at the intersection of fine art and comics, and was awarded the 2017 Duncan of Jordanstone Comics Prize. Residing in Portland, OR, Jay is an advocate of Comics Studies within higher education whilst also researching comics adaptations within small-press publishers.

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anna voAnna Vo – Equally Clueless Inclusion Special Agent
Anna Vo is a radical educator of 8 years in over 20 countries in Inclusion, Refugee Support, Trauma-Informed Care, and Racial Justice. Editor of an internationally renowned publication for People of Color that has been going for 6 years, and a speaker, artist and musician who has exhibited and toured in Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and the States. Anarchist and local festival organizer.

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Emily Lewis – Design Wizard
Emily designs our website, syllabi zines, merchandise, campaigns, and anthology layout. She is a comic creator and designer in Portland, OR. She received her BFA in art from Texas State University and her MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from Portland State University. In her spare time, Emily enjoys watching horror movies, going to hockey games, punk shows, and spending time with her husband and two pets.

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Jenny Blenk – Comics 101 

Screenshot_2016-06-10-21-09-58Jenny is a Pacific Northwest native who grew up in western Washington. She moved to Portland three years ago to study comics and earn her MA in English at Portland State University, and she still lives here with five houseplants, a typewriter, and a little black rabbit named Bernadette. Jenny currently works as an Assistant Editor at Dark Horse Comics, and when she’s not reading, writing, or studying comics, Jenny can usually be found hiking, knitting, gardening, or working on cars.


Andréa Gilroy – Comics Origins

GilroyAndréa earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at the University of Oregon. She was the Interim Director of Comics and Cartoon Studies and the University of Oregon in 2016, and frequently teaches courses at UO and Portland State University.  She is the Associate Curator for Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes, which opened at Seattle’s Museum of Popular Culture in April 2018, and runs the YouTube Channel Comics Crash Course. She lives in Eugene, OR with her husband Shaun, and two kitties, Sakura and Ginko.


Liz Yerby – Writing + Character Development; Coloring

lizyerbyLiz writes comics about being queer and navigating life with depression and anxiety.  They recently finished a graphic novel, City Mouse and regularly contribute to Vision Quest and 1001 Journal.  They can be found teaching art to small children at the Portland Children’s Museum or teaching classes about zines and comics to various age groups around town.

See Liz’s work HERE.


Kristine Evans – Comics Layout

KinokoEvans_BioPic (1)

I’m a Pacific Northwest based artist and educator.  I am an artist who is happiest both creating work and teaching people how to make stuff they love. I love to tell stories through drawing and characters. My combined illustration and print making education of inform my passion of designing for print. My work is always character narrative based and translates to Comics, editorial, character design and sculpture. My work can frequently be seen in the Portland Mercury. Other clients include Mtv, Eater.com, Study Group Comics, Illustoria Magazine, and Boom Comics studio.

See Kristine’s work HERE.


Audre Grieve – Pencils + Inking

Audre GrieveAudre is a trans, queer artist and organizer hailing from Atlanta (pronouns: ze/hir) who is just over a year new to portland. Ze is estatic to be a part of the Miss Anthology workshops and has been loving and making comics all hir life. Most of Audre’s inspirations comes from hir own (and others’) lgbtq identities and mental health struggles- and radical political feelings. You can find Audre on instagram @comicsforbreakfast and on twitter @comics4breakfst


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