2018 Workshops

33833386_2064823770443131_6853454364762177536_n.jpgSign-ups for our 2018 classes are HERE!

Classes are FREE, and open to students of ALL artistic and experience levels who are:

+ aged nine to eighteen

+ female, genderqueer, and/or LGBTQIA+ identified

+ interested in learning about and making comics!

Comics 101, June 30, 1-4pm

This three-hour course is designed to help you understand comics theory like a pro! We’ll explore the definition of sequential art, the various ways text and image communicate together, comics narrative structure, and the different forms taken by comics around the world. Be ready for some creative exercises to break up the session!

Taught by Jenny Blenk

See the PowerPoint presentation slides here:  Miss Anthology – Comics 101

Comics Origins, July 7, 1-4pm

Like most superheroes, comics have a thrilling origin story. This workshop is a three-hour course designed to explore how comics as we know them came to be. We’ll travel through history and around the world to gain a better of idea of comics as a format and movement, paying special attention to the editorial cartoons, newspaper strips, and comics books from before the 1980s, which laid the foundation for the modern artists and texts you love.

Taught by Andréa Gilroy

Writing + Character Development, July 14, 1-4pm

This three-hour workshop is designed with your story in mind. We’ll explore what a solid narrative is and ways to format it, who your characters are, what action and story arc are, and how to keep track of story details. You’ll also learn how to write a specially formatted comics script. Come with a story in mind, or use the workshop exercises to make something new!

Taught by Liz Yerby

Comics Layouts, July 21, 1-4pm

This three-hour course will help you understand and design layouts for your comics. We’ll explore how narrative and images support one another in comics, have fun with some short writing exercises, discuss various ways to design a layout, explore various types of panels and pages, and use the format of comics to control time flow.

Taught by Kristine Evans

Pencils + Inking, July 28, 1-4pm

This three-hour course is meant to help you transition your comic from sketches to finalized line art! We’ll explore many methods of penciling and inking comic panels, various ways to communicate depth and perspective through marks and lines, and experiment with an assortment of drawing tools from blue pencils and Sharpies to Pigma markers and brush pens. All artistic and experience levels welcome!!

Taught by Audre Grieve

Coloring, August 4, 1-4pm

Welcome to the coloring workshop! This three-hour course is designed for learning how to color your own comics by hand with a dynamic flair that reflects your unique style! We’ll examine color theory and how color can convey a mood, as well as highlight action and feelings in your story through tones and color palettes. All artistic and experience levels welcome!!

Taught by Liz Yerby