Kickstarter 2018


Miss Anthology has kicked off our annual fundraising to pay for the physical volume of Miss Anthology, where we publish the creative comics work of female and LGBTQIA+ teens FOR FREE. Check out the page here!

As of Monday July 9th, it’s been selected by Kickstarter as an official Project We Love!


Providing a platform for young creators from underrepresented communities to get started is a key part of Miss Anthology’s mission. Submission costs can be severely limiting for many, and lead to even more struggle for creators who are trying to gain visibility and build a name for themselves.

We publish creators’ work free of charge, but in order to do that we need your support to pay for printing and publishing costs! There’s a complete breakdown of why we’re asking for the amount we’ve chosen, what every part of it will be used for, and the thank-you gifts we have to offer in return on the Kickstarter page.

So please, support Miss Anthology and the creators who participate in our workshops and publication! And don’t forget to share our Kickstarter page on social media, email, carrier pigeon, or whatever you have available.

Thank you!