Time for FUN(draising)!


389b09bbcb97b84a4f7c44792e7ba18b_original.pngIT’S HERE!!

The Kickstarter for the physical volume of Miss Anthology 2018 is up and running! And as of Monday the 9th, it’s been selected as a Project We Love by the fundraising platform!

Check it out, watch our video, learn about the thank-you gifts available, and get updates all right here.

Please donate what you can, and pass the link along via social media, email, carrier pigeon, whatever is available to you.

This is our big yearly fundraiser that allows us to publish the work of amazing female and LGBTQIA+ teens of all experience levels. Please help support us, and through us, them! We can’t do it without you.


(Special thanks to Books with Pictures for letting us film our video in their space, and to Rubén Garcia Marufo for his directorial expertise in filming our video.)

2018 Workshop Sign-Up Is Here!


That’s right, you can sign up now for one or ALL of our fabulous summer lineup of FREE comics workshops!

All female, genderqueer, and LGBTQIA+ teens from the Pacific Northwest are welcome!

Never made comics before? Great! We encourage students from all experience and ability levels. Come improve your existing skills, or learn something new!

Head HERE to learn more and fill out our confidential online registration form.

Miss Anthology 2017

Miss Anthology 2017 is a comics anthology featuring the work of 15 female and genderqueer comic creators, writers, and academics from the Pacific Northwest region. The book is divided into four sections including: work from 13-18 year old comic creators, free workshops offered, work from instructors, and essays from the founding members of Miss Anthology.

You can purchase our book by clicking the “shop” button at the top of the page.

Miss Anthology 2017 Cover
Miss Anthology’s mission is to support racially and economically diverse female and genderqueer youth by teaching professional skills through hands-on workshops, and publishing their work in print and online. By introducing these young artists and writers to the comics and the art industries before they graduate, they will gain a firm understanding and head start on their careers, as well as an established network of peers within this otherwise white, cis male-dominated field.
Miss Anthology is supported in part by a C3:Initiative project residency, the Precipice Fund, the Andy Warhol Foundation, and Calligram Foundation.


Post-Production is a one day course designed to help you learn how to edit and get your comics ready for print or online publishing! We’ll explore the many methods of color correction, resolution and resizing, the various file formats and their uses, as well as how and where to save your comic files for future use.  

Our 2017 Post-Production course was taught by Melanie Stevens and Kelly Fitzpatrick.

Inking and Coloring

Inking and Coloring is a one day course designed to help you learn how to ink your own comics with a dynamic and unique flair! We’ll explore the many methods of inking comic panels, the various ways to communicate depth through marks and lines, as well as the various methods and media that can be used to create inks.  

Our 2017 Inking and Coloring course was taught by Melanie Stevens and Kelly Fitzpatrick.


Lettering is a one day, 3 hour course that will marry the words with your pictures. We’ll look at a variety of ways that professional comic artists add text to their works. The beauty of your own handwriting, carefully rendering lettering using different types of pens, and computer generated fonts will all be explored, as well as placement, size, and legibility. It is recommended that participants bring layouts or ideas of the tone, theme, aesthetic of the fonts they want to try. Maybe a sentence or two to practice with!

Our 2017 instructor was Anna Vo.